Safe Club

The Safe Club is created with the aim of spreading awareness and promote the importance and criticality of safety in all walks of life. The objective is to instil a sense of responsibility in the students regarding their own and their near one’s safety, to bring to their knowledge importance of road, school, medical, environmental and emotional safety. The safe club organises several events like rallies, workshop and seminars on road safety and has been working to create awareness on traffic rules to control accidents.

Co-ordinators: Ms. Gitanjali Shrama, Ms. A. Savitri

The Van drivers association of Jamshedpur had called for a meeting of the school van and bus drivers to discuss the importance of road safety and following of traffic rules. It was organised with the help of the Vice – Principal of Sacred Heart Convent School Sister Assumpta, Safe Club moderator – Ms. Gitanjali Sharma, Club President – Pragya Gargee and Club Secretary – Shefali.

The president of Jamshedpur school vehicles service committee, Santosh Mandal spoke on the significance of staying alert at all times while driving not distracting oneself by using mobiles and earphones. The drivers should follow the traffic rules so that they can ensure the safety of children. They should keep their vans and buses in good condition with working brakes and lights. First Aid boxes were distributed by Sister Assumpta and Ms. Gitanjali Sharma to the drivers. Sister Assumpta lay stress on being patient while driving and maintaining self – discipline.