1. As regular attendance is an important element for success, written application for leave must invariably be submitted beforehand.
  2. 85% attendance for internal assessment for all classes is compulsory. Failure to appear in any assessment can seriously affect a student’s academic progress and promotion. No exceptions will be made in this regard.
  3. In case of sickness or other unforeseen circumstances, the students on joining school must get their Rgularity Recod duly signed by the Principal and the class teacher.
  4. Every student must be present on the day the school reopens after Summer, Christmas, Easter and Puja Vacations. An absence of 3 days or more before or after a vacation, without prior permission, will lead to the students name being struck off the rolls. A re – admission fee of Rs. 1500/- will be charged, provided the vacancy still exists.
  5. Continuous absence for 15 days without leave application will be considered equivalent to the withdrawal of the student from the school and her name will be struck off the roll.
  6. A medical certificate must be produced for absence due to a contagious illness.
  7. Students will be allowed sectional religious holidays only with prior permission from the Principal.