Admission & Withdrawal

1. Students are admitted only at the beginning of the school year, which commences in mid March.

2. No admission is complete beyond the kindergarten until the Transfer certificate from the previous school is produced. For fresh admissions, the name of the student and the date of birth should be entered in the prescribed admission form, signed by the parent or guardian and this will not be subsequently altered.

3. The Principal reserves the right to refuse any application without having to assign reasons for her action.

4. a) A month’s notice or a month’s fee is required prior to the withdrawal of a student.

b) If a student is withdrawn for any length of time and parents wish that she be re – admitted, an entrance test will be held and the Admission Fee will be charged again.

5. A written application must be given by the parent/ Guardian for the Transfer Certificate of a student.

6. The transfer Certificate will be issued on a payment of Rs. 100/- only after school fees and other dues have been cleared.